Without exception all of us here at Priestlands Science love our subject. Our specific interests range from astronomy, biology, biomedical science, chemistry, environmental science, geology, oceanography and physics to surf science.

But why study science at all?geology career

Science is truly the subject for all. To say you don’t like science is to mark yourself out as one without imagination or creativity.  All humans possess these traits and so it is better to say perhaps that you don’t understand science. It is a subject that encompasses all aspects of life and requires the application of the core skills you are taught in English and mathematics.  Aside from being numerate and literate, to be a success in the subject, you must also be curious, imaginative and creative. As mentioned before, by our very nature we possess these characteristics.

Science is so valued that, not only is it a core subject, it is also worth two GCSEs or three if the separate sciences are studied. Here at Priestlands Science we know our students are numerate and literate and it is our job to help build up these skills and enable our students to develop a focus to their curiosity so they can be guided through the specific parts of science required for the exam syllabus.

The compromises of time tabling and the need to study a broad and balanced curriculum mean that, while we cover the key scientific concepts, the time we have to really delve into the subject and indulge ourselves in teaching some of the latest discoveries is limited. However we are constantly updating our lesson plans and linking the core science teaching to include a good dose of up to the minute thinking. Linking the science taught in the classroom to science in the news is such a useful activity for our students to do as it heightens their understanding and helps to emphasise the relevance of the subject.

Hopefully we as a department will inspire our students to have a lifelong interest in science and even better is if our students go on to pursue a career in science, no other subject can offer such an amazing variety of opportunities on a truly Universal scale.

For more inspiration visit http://yourlife.org.uk/10-weird-science-jobs-youll-love/




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