If you didn’t see Tim Peake’s launch into space, where were you?

At precisely 11:03:10 (GMT) the silence over the Kazakhstan launch site was shattered by the roar of engines, as the Soyuz rocket launched Tim Peake, Tim Kopra and Yuri Malenchenko into space, then into orbit, and then to dock with the International Space Station.

As a space enthusiast and amateur astronomer, it was amazing watching the live feed of the launch, in the science department with excited staff and students alike.
It was later in the day before we learned there had been issues with the onboard computer flight system and Yuri had taken control for a manual flight and docking procedure with the ISS.
Today Tim became the first British astronaut to board the ISS, obviously with special privileges as a copy of the new Star Wars film will be sent up to him on the 21st December supply mission, ‘May the force be with him’!

image image


Finally just before 8pm Major Tim Peake floated on to the ISS, seen here being welcomed aboard by Commander Scott Kelly.

If nations can collaborate so successfully in space, why are we still fighting each other on the ground?

“Wishing the crew a Happy Christmas in space, and Peace on Earth”.


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