Wednesday 13 January 2016 –

Tides in the Universe : how tidal forces create new stars
Prof Malcolm Coe (University of Southampton)

Lecture: Tides operate at many levels, from the beach where you take your holiday, to interactions between the most massive structures in the universe. Such large scale interactions between galaxies can sometimes trigger huge waves of starbirth, producing large numbers of massive stars and their evolved products neutron stars and black holes. This talk will describe why it is believed that such an event took place 200 million years ago in the Small Magellanic Cloud (a satellite galaxy to the Milky Way), and how X-ray telescopes are now discovering a huge nest of neutron stars produced from those tidal interactions. Along the way the lecture will look at the observational history of the SMC from the first drawings by John Herschel done in Cape Town, to a massive X-ray survey just completed last year.

Letters available from science prep room.




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