How did the universe begin?


Join us on the monthly trip to Winchester Science Centre Space Lecture to find out, and learn more about the search for the evidence to prove the theories.

Prof Jo Dunkley (University of Oxford)

Lecture: One of our biggest questions about the Universe is how it began. The best idea for what happened in the first trillionth of a second is cosmic inflation, when it is thought that space briefly grew faster than the speed of light, imprinting tiny features that would grow to become stars and galaxies. Scientists are now on the hunt for definitive evidence that inflation happened, in the form of ripples in space-time that can be seen by looking at very faint microwave light that has been traveling through space for billions of years. Jo will talk about the challenges and exciting prospects for finding this signal using space satellites and telescopes in Chile and at the South Pole.

Letters available from Mr Rogers, or science prep room.

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