Are you passionate about space?

Think you will never be able to go there?

None of us know what our future holds; but you can have your own, personal message left on the surface of the moon in a time capsule. Your message can be a public post or kept private, it’s up to you.

The time capsule containing the messages will launch to the lunar surface in 2017, onboard a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket.

Follow the instructions and leave your message through the ISSET web page.


International Space School Educational Trust, is a registered charity.


You can send a text message for FREE on the staggering 250,000 mile journey to the Moon!


As it stands, you have 99 Days 14 hours in which to form your message and upload it via our new website. Why wait? Head on over now to secure your place in our lunar time capsule! Launching in 2017.

In order for your message to be free, you will need to use the promotional code, that ISSET are giving to Priestlands school.

The code will be available Tuesday  lunchtimes, come along to S11 with your messages!



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