On Sunday 24th April as more than 37 thousand runners take to the streets to run the London Marathon, ESA astronaut Tim Peake will run his virtual London marathon, 249 miles above the Earth on the International Space Station, orbiting at 16,777 mph.

Harnessed to an exercise treadmill, Tim will run, while following the London sights on his iPad.


When in space astronauts need to exercise to avoid losing muscle mass and bone density, and Tim has been training regularly, although it is not so easy in microgravity. Being weighted and harnessed to the treadmill for long periods can be uncomfortable, however Tim aims to complete the 26 mile run in under 4 hours, in support of the Princes Trust!

In 1999 Tim ran the marathon in 3 hrs 18 mins, however he will not be trying to beat this time, ESA scientists say it would not be safe for Tim to push himself that hard onboard the space station.

Tim has a ‘shadow runner’ who will act as his ‘legs on Earth’, Tyrone Brennand from the Princes Trust.



Good luck to Tim in space and everyone else in London running for their chosen charities!


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