Our ‘Rocket Seeds’ have arrived!


On Monday our seeds from the International Space Station arrived, and our Y7 space biologists set to work, preparing their scientific experiment.  The seed experiment protocols are set by the European Space Agency and must be adhered to for the results to be valid. So up and down the country on classroom windowsills space seeds will start their life on Earth!

S11 space lab

S11 space lab

Our space biologists prepared trays with compost and made 200 labels, for the very ‘tiny’ seeds.


Over the next 35 days, they will study the replicants as they germinate and grow, they will learn the principles and importance of randomisation methods, fair testing, percentage yield and then download their recorded findings to ESA, NASA, and the RHS, to be part of the results being collected from 8,600 schools to determine if the trip into space and storage onboard the ISS in microgravity affected the potential growth of the rocket salad seeds.

Good luck boys!

Check the blog site for updates as our experiment progresses.




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