On Monday 19th June, Priestlands Science hosted an Energy Quest Masterclass for 24 Year 7 students.

The session was led by Marcus Cherrill, formerly a science teacher from Brighton, now promoting Engineering within schools.
Marcus is an innovative educator with over twenty years teaching experience, working in a variety of schools. He has delivered training to schools around the world on a wide range of teaching and learning topics. His background as an outstanding science teacher and senior leader brings a depth of understanding of school needs, allowing schools to find practical, sustainable solutions.

Sustainable Engineering

“What we do in our world to make things better.”

The morning was divided into three sessions:
Session 1
Understanding Energy; students engaged in discussion of renewable (wind, solar, wave), non-renewable (fossil fuels, nuclear), and sustainable (hydroelectric, geothermal) forms of energy.

By 2050 there will be approximately 9 billion people on our planet, fossil fuels are running out, nuclear fuels are not sustainable, what can we do?
What will our engineers of the future do?

Session 2
The Engineering Design Process

Using 2.5v capacitors, solar panels and the glorious sunshine to charge them, the students were given the equipment to build solar cars. Then following the engineering design process cycle, they tested and modified and retested according to their results.

This was followed by two challenges:-

Firstly how far the cars would go on 1 volt.

Secondly how far the cars would go, when fully charged at 2.5 volts.

Lewis and Owen, the winning pair left the 30m finish line far behind achieving an awesome 48 meters!!! Well done boys!

Session 3
What does an Engineer look like?

Hearing from young engineers about their work; from building the London Olympic Stadium, transporting gas from offshore platforms to our shores, to music recording and wave compression by a sound engineer. Engineering is important everywhere, in all aspects of modern life. Who knows what innovative designs our young engineers could create in the future?

“Thank you Marcus for a brilliant session; science, learning, fun and hopefully some future inspiration.”

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