In April 2018, from the Marshall Islands in the Pacific Ocean, this rocket will launch taking 250 tiny sculptures from schools and colleges nationwide, into zero gravity.  They will be filmed on release, as part of an experiment for a UK digital analytics company, their ‘flights’ will be recorded, with copies being sent back to participating schools; if the rocket survives re-entry and is safely recovered!

Priestlands School will hopefully be represented onboard with a micro-sculpture carefully researched, designed and produced as part of Wednesday’s year 7 STEM Club.

Sugar Cube on a Teaspoon

Maximum size of a sugar cube, and weighing no more than 4 grams, our enthusiastic young future engineers are working on maximum volume to minimum weight principles, while competing with each other to produce the winning design, to then represent Priestlands and send their design into space!!

Creative ideas, drafts, and material research has been taking place this half term, prior to making and refining next month, before finally presenting their models for judging in December.

The winning design will be announced at the end of term…

… Good Luck!

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