Well done girls, your 3D printed penguin will fly or float or fall?

Priestlands Penguin…

We will find out next year after it’s trip into space in April 2018.

But seriously well done to all who took part, it has been fun and you are all ‘Team Priestlands’ sending a microsculpture into microgravity!

Part of the rocket where the Microsculptures will be housed before their release.

The competition winning design will be part of the experiment to test novel 3D imaging techniques by tracking the trajectory and interaction of objects and particles in a micro-gravity environment (lunar regolith simulant, and sculptures designed by school and college students)

Journey into Space – April 4th 2018

SμGRE-1 will travel on board the NASA WRX-R sounding rocket on a sub-orbital trajectory. Payloads will experience micro-gravity for approximately 5 minutes (total flight time 30 minutes). Once the primary mission is completed, we will release the sculptures and film them in microgravity floating inside the payload part of the rocket.

Return to Earth

The WRX-R rocket payload will tumble and deploy a parachute before splashdown and recovery from the Pacific Ocean. SμGRE-1 will then be collected and the sculptures returned to the schools, along with the 3D video of them in flight.

We hope for a successful flight and recovery from the Pacific Ocean, and look forward to seeing the film; what will happen to a tiny flightless penguin in space?



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