Falcon heavy successfully launched into space.

Friday 6th February 2018, after a five year delay on initial launch plans, the SPACEX FALCON HEAVY rocket took to the skies.

Three Falcon 9 nine-engine cores, strapped together, whose 27 Merlin engines together generated more than 5 million pounds of thrust at liftoff, (equal to approximately eighteen 747 Boeing aircraft), launched the Falcon 9 rocket into space.

The SpaceX Falcon 9 Heavy has been designed to carry humans into space, flying manned missions in the near future to a moon base and on further than ever before to Mars.
But this inaugural  flight allowed owner entrepreneur Elon Musk to have a little “fun”, sending his red Tesla car as payload, which was released from the fairing into space, to the sound of David Bowie’s A Space Odyssey!

The car with droid driver will eventually orbit Mars!

Two of the three reusable engine boosters, landed back on Earth successfully, however the third failed to reignite, and did not return to land on a drone ship out at sea as planned, unfortunately crashing into the sea taking out at least two of the nine engines.

However this is a relatively minor setback, compared to what has actually been achieved this week by Elon Musk, history has been made by SpaceX!


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